Darren Lee Logue

Darren Lee Logue


Late of Woodford NSW

Aged 52 Years

Forever in our Hearts

Loving Husband of Liz. Loving Father of Nicholas (Dec) and Maddison (Dec).

He will be sadly missed by his family, extended family and many friends

Funeral service details


In lieu of flowers the family would appreciate donations to the Westmead Children’s Hospital Oncology Ward.

Envelopes will be available on the day of the service.

Date: Thursday, 10th August, 2017
Commencing: 1:00pm

Leura Memorial Gardens Crematorium. 1 Kitchener Road, Leura

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Memory Card
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Favourite memories
  • Darren would take my husband Stephen fishing with him and Nic, Stephen would always come home and say it was such a great day, and I would say but you didn't catch anything, Stephen response was always the same.
    No we didn't but the laughs Nic and Darren would give me with Nic's nagging and calling Darren a dunb arse was the best.
    Daren and Nic had a great relationship.
    RIP Darren and have lots of hugs with your children xx

    Patricia Bartle
  • Far to many title moments to remember just one. I will always remember you as a very strong man, loving husband and caring doting father. See you later my man

    Neil Patching
  • Easily the best memory I have is of being carried out of my high school like a princess. Mum and Dad couldn't come to get me when I hurt my knee, so Darren came and took me up to the hospital. I couldn't walk, so Darren just scooped and carried me off.

    Shenee Visinko