Peter William Thomas Wright

Peter William Thomas Wright


Funeral service details

Date: Tuesday, 1st August, 2017
Commencing: 2:00pm

Garden Chapel of Castlebrook Crematorium, Windsor Road, Rouse Hill.

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Favourite memories
  • Pete I still can not believe you are gone. I went to school with you over 60 yrs ago you were always the one I wanted to see at our school reunions you were always smiling very funny with a few beers under your belt. I haven't seen you for a long time but you haven't changed your face tells it all. You were so worried about my op you said don't you bloody die on me we are going to have that fling.......who would have thought you was the one to die. I will never forget you a happy all round great guy luv ya Pete we will
    have to have that fling when I meet you at the pearly gates. Condolences to your girls and family xo

    Susan Pintley Brand
  • My Dad,

    To so many you were a superhero, loved and admired by all who knew you. I know you would have been in awe of all the people who travelled miles.. all regretting they hadn't been down sooner... myself included:

    Dad, I tried my hardest to make up for not seeing you, for being selfish and worrying about my own health issues... I was blinded my what was in front of me.

    Your grandsons are proudly wearing your hats and I cannot stop smelling the jacket you last wore. It comforts me.

    Deklan found an old wallet of yours with an $1 note- this is the most precious treasure you (along with his photo inside) -

    Dad... I hope you saw, I hope you know.. I tried so hard to make up for not seeing you.

    I will continue to assist and help however I can.. but I am so glad Aunty Marg and your *ahem' favourite niece got to attend:

    Such a trialling time for so many. This hit everyone hard... so unexpected..

    Dad.. I miss you with all my heart and soul.. and will continue to grieve.. Arthur will be told all the stories... about the infamous "Poppy Pete"

    Melissa Wright and Family
  • So many memories- when Pete and willo met which ended up with Pete falling off a roof and breaking his shoulder (got to watch those cats!), Xmas day when the spit caught on fire ('nothing like hosing your meat as it cooks!), fishing and camping at the dam, dancing, parties, dinners, barbques, and our quiet times chatting and just hanging out. Love you Peter. Ian, Cheryl and family

    Cheryl and Ian Wilson