Rodney Wayne Sullivan

Rodney Wayne Sullivan


Funeral service details

Date: Friday, 28th July, 2017
Commencing: 12:00pm

North Chapel of Pinegrove Crematorium, Kington Street, Minchinbury.

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Favourite memories
  • Burnouts in a chocolate brown EH station wagon, A bloke that always had your back, crazy man with a heart of gold and a love for life. R.I.P. Rod

    Andrew Pepperell
  • We have known Rod for about 37 years , he was always kind happy and funny as well . I remember sitting in his back yard at herbersham with a big fire going rod would be asleep in the back of his car with his girlfriend so while they where asleep we would take off all the doors of the car they soon got a bit cold . He loved fast cars and he would drive them like a race car . But as we all grew up and went a seperate ways rod would always callin if he was in the neighbour hood . You are one fine man Rodney Sullivan we will miss you

    Chris & Di Pepperell
  • A very fun mrmorie lots of them we all. Like screaming down parrsmatta road like crazy.
    Like Rod being the madman yet always there for me. I will keep my memories forever. RIP ROD. xxxx

    Mary Williams
  • One of the best memories I have of my dad is him always taken me to pacific park where he would let us kids run a Muck. One time my dad thought it would be fun to get in a boat and go down the river at pacific park but turns out it wasn't because the boat stuffed up and he and some of his friends were stuck drifting down the river but lucky they were all set with the beer.

    Courtney Louise Sullivan