William Murray Slee (Bill)

William Murray Slee


Loving father of Amanda, Melanie, Thomas and Mary. Loving Grandfather, son, brother and uncle.

Friend to Many

Will be Sadly Missed

Funeral service details

Date: Wednesday, 9th August, 2017
Commencing: 10:00am

Garden Chapel of Castlebrook Crematorium, Windsor Road, Rouse Hill.

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Favourite memories
  • On behalf of the Slee family I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to Daryl,Christy and the entire team at Windsor Funeral Home, to our celebrant Shaun Gagan (a wonderful service) and all you wonderful people who attended Bills service.I also offer appreciation to all who made comments of love and support to us through this time.You all helped in creating a peaceful loving atmosphere through which Bills passage became complete.Once again, my heartfelt gratitude.

    Robert Slee
  • On behalf of the Slee family I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to Christy and the team at Windsor Funeral Home, to Shaun Gagan our celebrant for Bills service (a wonderful service) and all you great people who attended the Funeral Service and offered kindness and support to us.You all helped in creating a loving peaceful atmosphere through which Bills passage became complete.To quote Royce Simmons (if I may) 'I want to get to have a beer with all of yas'... or something like that.Anyway, once again my eternal thanks.Cheers.

    Robert Slee
  • Mcquade ave was a great place to grow up many of us played together on the street we will miss you Bill. .condolences to all the Slee family from the Walker family..

    Peter Walker
  • My father was a great man, he taught me alot of things and not just the usual learning how to ride a bike, take first steps, First words etc. He taught me to believe in myself and to never give up, never let anyone keep me down and to love until your last Breath.
    I'm gonna miss hearing him sing songs while doing housework or out in the garden. Dad was a very postive man who never let anything bring him down even if Tigers didn't win. But I can say one thing... that every memory I have with Dad is my favorite.

    Mary Slee
  • Bill Slee was and always be remembered for being a great mate and a hardcore footy fan , always loved the banter we had with footy . most of all he was a bloke who was good for a chat about anything and if you needed a chat about something you did he would give it to you both barrells if you had done the wrong thing . i havnt seen him for a while but had good laugh yesterday at some of the things he said to me , some were not good but were true and helped me become a better person than what i was , thanks for the freindship and guidence champion you will be missed and my heart goes out to all your family , RIP my Freind BILL All The best Buttons you clown as he used to say

    Mark Stephens
  • Well what can i say one of the Slee gamg McQuade ave golf finding golf balls in the drink running a muck south windsor primary school tates hotel fitzroy jolllyfrog bligh park and many more i new him al his life and what a great bloke R.I.P

    Robert Douglass
  • One of my favorite things that i loved to do with dad was go to the football with him, Tom and Melissia and her family. I loved how throughout the whole game we would tease each other about who is gonna win and who will have to walk home. And if it wasn't Parra vs Tigers and i went to the game. It would be the only time i would for Tigers.

    Melanie faulkner
  • How do we write a favourite memory when there are so many? But I can say I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Mcquade ave with Billy and the entire Slee family & street we all had great fun trudging all over Sth Windsor playing handball in the street spotlight and football on the golf course. Rocking the jimmies on Friday night! ( and that's not the bourbons) those who grew up there will know what I'm talking about! Will miss you Billy though we did not see a lot of each other in the later years every time we did you were a joy to spend some time with RIP mate make the others already there smile Just like you did us.

    Johnny Zemars
  • Great friend to all he came across...my love and thoughts to you all sorry living in NZ now days so can't make it but will be thinking of you.....love one of the many school mates xoxox

    Kim Clarke ne Kim Flanagan
  • There are lots of favourite memories of dad for me. Loved getting up every morning singing, pottering around the garden. Or you would just say something and he would just break out into a song. He was a brilliant man im lucky to call him my dad, and most of all was a brilliant grandfather to ruby and jaxon. I have asked ruby what she loves about her papa she replied. Takes me to see tigers play. Going to see him at his home. Going to see him at bunny house. When he comes to my house and we play on the slide and on the swing. It's not much but it's alot for ruby. You missed dad / papa we will always remember to have a good time as we are not here for a long time xox

    Melanie faulkner