Planning ahead

By planning your funeral service in advance you can design and specify the exact type of service you’d like. By personalising your funeral, your friends and family are able to remember you for who you were, the way you would like it. Right down to details like the style of eulogy, casket, songs, flowers and whether you’d like a party or celebration afterwards.

This is also a great thing to do for your family – by letting them know how you’d like your funeral or memorial service to be, they’ll have less difficult and complicated decisions to make during what can be a very difficult and emotional time.

Pre-planning is an opportunity to make all the important decisions yourself, and by including your personal preferences your family will know they are honouring your life as you would like. In our discussions with you, we will take the time to listen to your requirements and arrange a funeral that truly reflects your individuality and document the preferences that your family needs to know.

You might like to think about:

  • A church service or a Celebration of Life
  • Whether you would prefer a cremation service or a burial
  • A list of your favourite music
  • Putting some of your favourite images together
  • Whether your hobbies or interests should form part of the service

To assist you in this, we have produced a brochure called “Making Your Wishes Known” where you can list your preferences. The brochure also has some practical aspects as well. Please send us an email and we will send one to you without any obligation. We also have our free booklet available, Story of a Lifetime , a resource which allows you to have easy conversations with people to record your life’s stories and memories.

If you have ever thought about pre-planning your funeral in the Hawkesbury shire, or the funeral of a friend, then our team can help you.

Call Windsor Funeral Home on (02) 4577 2322 to arrange a meeting to discuss how you can pre-plan your funeral with us. We have a range of handy online tools to get you started on the thought process.