Pre-paid funerals

Prepaid Funerals in Sydney

As well as documenting your personal funeral wishes you can also elect to prepay for the funeral. For just $1000 deposit you can secure this service.

The benefits having a prepaid funeral are:

  • The price is fixed at today’s price. The reason that we are able to do this is because the inflationary increase of the cost of the funeral is offset by the interest gained on the bond
  • You avoid your family having the financial burden of a funeral
  • Your investment is lodged in your name in a bond administered by a division of Bendigo Bank and controlled by government regulated investment scheme – so you can be assured that your money secure.
  • You can choose to pay for your prepaid funeral in one payment or by installment

Frequently asked questions

How is my prepaid funeral contract set up?

Windsor Funeral Home prepaid funeral contracts are provided through the Australian Friendly Society, which is associated with Bendigo Bank. The Bendigo Funeral Bond contract allows you to provide for the cost of your funeral.

How much will my prepaid funeral cost?

By discussing the details of your preferences with Windsor Funeral Home, you can ensure that sufficient funds are set aside for your requirements. The total cost of a funeral service will depend on the individual aspects that are chosen as a part of the service, whether burial or cremation is preferred, and so on. Hills Family Funerals will give you a written quote before you finalise your prepaid funeral.

Does my prepaid funeral plan incur any tax?

No, your Bendigo Funeral Bond through Windsor Funeral Home will not incur capital gains tax or other tax liabilities.

How can Windsor Funeral Home offer to keep the funeral costs at today’s prices?

At the time of the redemption of the bond the interest gained from the Australian Friendly Society is paid to Windsor Funeral Home. This amount covers the increase in the funeral cost

Does my prepaid funeral plan affect my benefits?

The Bendigo Funeral Bond qualifies for both income and assets test exemptions for means-tested pensions and benefits paid by Centrelink and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

What are your terms of payment?

You can choose to pay for your prepaid funeral in one payment or by instalments. Windsor Funeral Home accepts all usual forms of payment and can discuss the terms of payment with you at our first meeting.

How will my family know I have a prepaid funeral plan and what to do?

We will send you a brochure that provides guidance for your family. It allows you to make a record of all personal details required by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, including valuable information such as contacts for your accountant, bank details, investments, clubs and the details of your prepaid funeral plan.