Alice Jean Packer (Ally)

Alice Jean Packer


Sadly passed away
25th March 2019
Aged 91 years
Late of Vineyard
Beloved wife of Paddy (dec).
Loving mother of Bev, Eilene,
Rhonda, Greg and their partners.
Proud Nan of 13 grandchildren and
Great Nan of 20 great grandchildren
and 11 great, great grandchildren.
Forever In Our Hearts

Funeral service details

Date: Monday, 1st April, 2019
Commencing: 11:00am


Family and friends of Ally are warmly invited to attend her Funeral Service to be
held in the Garden Chapel of Castlebrook Crematorium, Windsor Road, Rouse Hill.
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Memory Card
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Favourite memories
  • My best memory will be when I used to tell nan that I loved her and all she would do is laugh at me ,,RIP nan going to miss you so much ❤❤

    Sharna Evan's
  • Nan you always put a smile on our faces ,,and you were always there for us ,, my favorite memory of you was at my 15th birthday dressed as Sadie The Cleaning Lady you were a hoot and how you and I shared many of birthday cakes over the years ,,nan I'm going to miss you so much especially when I come to sydney to visit,,I love you so much and miss you dearly, Say hi to pop for us all RIP NAN

    Tanya evans
  • I will always remember ally when I was little every week on her pay day always bought me home a little toy and looked after and cared for me so much she will be missed so much especially her beautiful smile the best sister I could have had will always love you ally xxx

    Bubbie byrnes
  • Seeing nan smile when she always see Mason and playing with Mason on the lounge eating biscuits.

    Luke Gilmour
  • My favourite memory of you was seeing the beautiful soul within you, cherishing the moments you met mason and held his hand, you will be dearly missed. Love you

  • My memory’s of mum are when she started to drive and her walking down the hill after dad was teaching her to drive and she told him to stick his truck in his bum

    Beverley gilmour
  • Visiting my nan knowing that she was at home every time to have a cup of tea and chat
    Loving her crocheted coat hangers that she made for us

    Vicki lea brown
  • Seeing the smiles on Mum face, having tea party's with the Hayley, cuddling the cat and dogs, taken her shopping and just being mum

    Rhonda Denniese Flynn