Paula Beatrix Clarke

Paula Beatrix Clarke


Forever In Our Hearts

Funeral service details

Date: Wednesday, 10th April, 2019
Commencing: 11:00am

Family and friends of Paula are warmly invited to attend her Funeral Service to be held in the Garden Chapel of Castlebrook Crematorium, Windsor Road, Rouse Hill.

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Favourite memories
  • Paula, I was just a little girl too, when you came into my life - about 12 years old. You were the sweetest, prettiest, most stylish person I had ever met! Now I'm 67 and never stopped loving you. Farewell, beautiful person.

    Cathy Bugden
  • Paula, I was just a little girl when I new You, you use to come home from work and let me watch t.v in your bedroom with you an we would talk. I loved our family bbq's they were always filled with fun an laughter. My memories of you I will carry forever. Love Kylie green. Xxx r.i.p.

    Kylie green